Didier Faustino

2009 Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale

Didier Fiuza Faustino / Bureau des Mésarchitectures is a Paris-based architecture studio whose work investigates the perceptual and architectural zones between physical, social and political space. Influenced by Faustino’s own artistic practice, their approach signals an intersection between the individual body and the collective body and an awareness of the body’s integration into space and time becoming at once physical and social. Faustino's solo exhibition at Storefront in New York investigated the thresholds of public and private space by strapping a chain-link fence to the gallery. In 2009 he curated 'Evento', the Bordeaux Biennale and describes his project for Shenzhen Biennale as exactly the proposal he would have wanted to receive.

“Double Happiness” is designed to respond to the society of materialism and to facilitate the reactivation of public space. By interacting with the work and testing their own limits, two people can experience together a new perception of space, void, and lightness; and recover an awareness of the physical world. This hybrid object, dubbed an “urban reanimation device” is meaningful only through the presence of the body, making it a valuable tool for exploring a collective experience of fragility.