From The Series Brick Farm

Adrián Villar Rojas

While exploring the outskirts of his hometown of Rosario, Adrián Villar Rojas came across a traditional brickyard where handmade bricks had been produced in the same way for a hundred years. In 2012, Villar Rojas received permission from the brick makers to start an experimental laboratory adjacent to this brickyard. In this space, he and his team could spend time outside of capitalist logic of productivity and efficiency, which has also permeated artistic production.

Brick Farm, as this experimental project is called, is aimed at unrestricted research rather than immediate practical results. It functions as an experimental, collaborative studio—a place where Villar Rojas and his team can freely explore manufacturing possibilities, experiment collectively and share findings. Much of Villar Rojas’s work is about genesis, development and growth, and conversely about death, decay and transience: the cycle of life in general. The book is published in collaboration with RIBOCA, the 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art.